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Jul 21st

Planning and Design

Planning & Design

Our designers are fully trained to deliver ingenious designs to create you more space to live in and areas for you to enjoy. We work with fully qualified architects and interior designers, who can give you the new living space you need.

When approaching a new project, for instance a new home; Prosper Building will want to give you the right design from the start.  The more thought that is put into what you want from your home the easier the process of building or extending your new home.  The architects can then ensure all planning regulations are taken into consideration to ensure the local council accept your new home with approval.  Of course, if you need any assistance with a planning application, please do not hesitate to contact us, or alternatively you can take a look at  This is a very useful government website, especially designed to help you through the planning application stages and answer any of your questions.

If you are thinking about building a new home or extending your existing home you may want to consider the following areas before the new plans are designed and created:

  • Aesthetics: We all want a beautiful home, so think not just about the rooms you want inside and how they are set out, but the finish on the outside to for an aesthetically pleasing home.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Everyone wants to make their money work hard, and a new home is an area where this can be put into practice through choosing finishing touches as early on in the process as possible.  This will save you valuable time and money by ensuring the schedule of works is not interrupted once the project starts and the best deals can be negotiated.
  • Functionality:  Are you looking for your home to be practical place to live and to function well?  Would you like a porch with somewhere for all your shoes and coats, or perhaps you love the garden and want to see that from your kitchen and lounge? It is up to you!
  • Sustainability/Environmentally Friendly:  These two factors go hand in hand.  This is becoming of greater concern to many people.  Homes can be created that minimise the impact on the environment, please speak to us further if this is an idea you would like to explore.